Its beginning to taste like Fall at Mo's

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Fall Flavors & Hours Are Here!

Mo's Fudge Factor has changed to our Fall Hours

Sunday - Thursday from 11am - 7pm

Friday and Saturday 11am - 8pm

New Fudge Flavors

Mo's is busy making your favorite Fall fudge flavors such as Pumpkin, Apple Cider, Caramel Apple, Maple Walnut, Maple Cream, S'more, and Chocolate Caramel Pecan.

We also have great options for your kid's lunch box or a special after-school snack!

Lunch Box Note Cookies

These cookies are Crafted by Kaytlyn just for you and your special someone. Each cookie comes with a food-safe pen so you can write special message on every one!

Big Chocolate Chip Cookie

Our big cookies are really big. They are a delicious cross between a cookie and a cookie bar, the outside nice and crispy but the inside still soft and doughy. Heat them gently in the oven or microwave and create a warm gooey treat for yourself. Our cookies are made from scratch in our candy kitchen in Massachusetts using butter, local eggs, and semi sweet chocolate chips. Each cookie measures approximately 5" in diameter. We seal each cookie individually and they will be fresh and delicious for 10-15 days.

**You can also freeze them and save them for another day!

Crafted by Kaytlyn Lunch Box Cookies and Mo's Big Chocolate Chip Cookies are available in-store and on the website at

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