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 How we got started..

I have always loved building things, problem solving and challenging authority, (three main ingredients needed for any small business owner). My favorite story of when I was little was that of standing up to my father at the age of 2, hands on my hips, as he roared at me with some direction, and telling him as matter of fact as you could imagine, “NO”. I should have known then that working for anyone but myself would be a challenge.

I had the good fortune of working for some great retailers; (The Vermont Country Store, Ben and Jerry’s and Yankee Candle Co.), but I was always restless and never really happy. One day while grumbling at the water cooler to a long time friend and co worker who was listening to another rant about how I would run my business so much better, she interrupted me and said, "What are you waiting for, you are young, you will never have enough money, just do it!" Two months later I gave my notice and off I went.

I had worked in retail my entire life, and even though I did not have an exact idea on what I wanted to do, I knew I loved the gourmet food business and I had some experience making fudge and chocolates. I wanted to make something, create jobs and contribute to my community. I wanted to BE in the community where we lived, not just live there, and I wanted my kids to learn what it meant to make a living. My neighbor had a small bakery kitchen and let me lease a 6 foot space. I bought one stainless steel counter top, a fudge kettle, created an order form and hit the pavement. I am fortunate to live in an area that not only supports but champions small businesses so it was not hard to get my first few wholesale accounts. In less than a year it was clear we needed more space than 6 feet and working from home was becoming a drag for everyone! We leased our Shelburne Falls store location in 2007, and opened on 7/7/07 our 1500 square foot retail location and candy kitchen.

Where we are today..

Mo’s is a family owned and operated business. Whenever I interview anyone I tell them that my family comes with the business. I run the day to day, my husband is our handyman, trashman, and shoulder to cry on; my two children not only work at the counter but help with the candy making; two cousins are the main fudge and chocolate artists; my mother in law is our secret weapon in the busy seasons and the rest of the family cheer us on from the sidelines! We have four employees year round and grow to eight in the busy season, allowing us to hire many high school students for their first taste of the working world. 

Come and visit our Shelburne Falls location and be a kid in a candy store again. We sell bulk candy, salt water taffy, we make fudge and chocolates almost every day, try our whoopee pies that we bake from scratch, or a locally made ice cream on our very own ice cream cones, how about a fresh squeezed lemonade, or a thick creamy milk shake. Our town is a throw back to simpler times, come for a day and take a walk across the Bridge of Flowers and stop to smell the roses. 

Where we are going…

We currently sell our fresh fudge and confections at our shop in Shelburne Falls, on our website, in small shops throughout New England, and through our fundraising programs. Our mission is to continue to grow and be a stable part of the community, offering jobs and continuing to develop our products and our business in a sustainable and responsible way...    

                                                                                      Celebrate Life's Simple Pleasures! We hope to see you soon!   Mo.